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Since the Wiki Web server renders up true HTML files this has a few ramifications when browsing.

The overall aim was to make navigation between previously visited pages faster than is possible with some other Wiki implementations. When you get a page back it will be stored in your browser's cache and so it can be pulled directly from there in future. This does mean, however, that sometimes you may not see the most recent changes that have been made to a page. If you suspect you are not viewing the latest copy, just refresh the page. Don't worry, when you edit a page you will always get the up-to-date text.

If you find this need to occasionally refresh becoming a problem, then you can always alter your browser options to refresh each page automatically on each visit.

Also, it turns out that creating a new topic takes a lot more processing if HTML is used, since many pages may need to be updated to turn their "?" links into true links.

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