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Spinner Wiki is a variant of Dolphin Wiki Web, which itself is a continuation of JOS Wiki.

For more information, see the official home page: http://spinner-wiki.sourceforge.net/.

Source code archives for Spinner Wiki can be found at the SourceForge download site [1]. Often a more recent snapshot will be found in the file upload area [2].

Signed RPM packages are available at: http://www.stearns.org/spinner-wiki/

If you are interested in Installing Spinner Wiki...

Program Change Log

August 3, 2004 - It was possible to create topics with invalid names that couldn't be linked by typing the invalid name into the browser's address bar. Now that is blocked. Also, a fix was contributed for Win32New Page where the upload path is a long filename with spaces in it.

(There were a few minor changes between 2002 and 2004, but mostly the project was on hiatus. It still is, in fact.)

July 1, 2002 - I noticed that, running on a system without administrative priviledges (like SourceForge), SW can create files that are not accessible to the site maintainer (that's me), so I can't back them up. To compensate, files should be created with read-write permissions for everyone. (This is a wiki, after all...) One way to do this is to set the umask to 0666. I've also added a short script to update the permissions of any files created previously. The new script is in the admin folder, and is not accessible by default. This change is in the live server, but has not been rolled into a tarball. Too small.

July 29, 2002 - Oops, that should have been a umask of 0111 since umask is subtracted from 0777. I'm always forgetting that. As a result, new pages were getting created with blank permissions, so they couldn't be read. Also, I suppose we're due for an updated tarball. UploadedFilesUploaded Files: spinner-wiki-20020729.tar.gz

Oct 29, 2002 - Uploads are now disabled on this demonstration site. The CGI script upload.pl changed slightly to accomodate this. UploadedFilesUploaded Files: spinner-wiki-20021029.tar.gz

Dec 7, 2002 - Content was offline for a week, due to a vandalism attack deleting all live content on all SourceForge-hosted sites. I was on a business trip through the week, but restored the content as soon as I could. Just so you know:

  1. On this demonstration site, a snapshot of the content is taken every night. About once a week, the snapshots are copied to another computer.
  2. If you have administrative priviledges on your web server, you can lock down file permissions and run Spinner Wiki as a setuid script to reduce the risk of vandalism. If it makes sense for your purpose, you might also want to add authentication. UploadedFilesUploaded Files: spinner-wiki-20021207.tar.gz

Dec 8, 2002 - Noticed a bug in whitespace-handling within literal text blocks (e.g. code blocks). Spacing was not being preserved exactly. Fixed that. UploadedFilesUploaded Files: spinner-wiki-20021208.tar.gz

Dec 18, 2002 - Index page is now cached, and only updated when a topic has been added/modified, or when the index template has changed. This works much the same as the caching for the Recent Changes page, and it is a significant time-saver when there are more readers than writers, at very little cost. UploadedFilesUploaded Files: spinner-wiki-20021218.tar.gz

Feb 6, 2003 - Fixed a bug in the change log; it was eporting "unknown user" even when authentication was being used and the username was known. The bug was due to an underlying problem in handleCommonTags - it should ignore the AUTHOR and LASTMODIFIED substitutions when those arguments are not provided (as is the case in changes.pl). Thanks to Waling Tierrsma for bringing it to my attention. Also, please let me know if this causes any bad side-effects. UploadedFilesUploaded Files: spinner-wiki-20030206.tar.gz If you're already running 20021218, wiki.pm is the only file that changed.

If you find any other problems, please report them at Spinner Wiki Bugs, or by email if you can track down my address (not listed here to avoid spam).

To Do

I've been thinking about the file upload area; it might be useful to have a companion script which garbage-collects files that have been uploaded, but aren't referenced from any page. This should work so that an uploaded file can live for some period of time without a reference (e.g. 24 hours), just in case the reference is being moved to somewhere else. It would be something that could run as a cron job, rather than as part of the Wiki. Does that make sense?

I tried to get something mocked up to syntax-highlight code blocks, if a source type was named on the first line, e.g. something like "{{{@javascript ...}}}". I attempted this using enscript - I understand that's what ViewCVSNew Page uses - but didn't get far with it. I would welcome a patch. See UploadedFilesUploaded Files: enscript.diff.

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