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The Wiki's pages can be classified (where appropriate) into different categories. This makes finding pages easier because they can be viewed by the category that they are in.

Whenever you want to include a page in a category simply add the category name to the list of related pages at the bottom. Obviously, if the category doesn't yet exist it will come up with an undefined link prompting you to create a page for the category itself. When you do this (and this is the clever part) add a link to Category to its list of related pages.

When choosing a name for a new category, bear in mind that most category names sound best when they are plural nouns. That is, you should choose Books rather than Book to classify pages that are meant to represent books.

Now, to see a list of all the category pages in the web, simply click on the Categories link in the border of any page. To find the pages in a particular category you can go to that category's page and use find Wiki References, or you can just do a Wiki Search for the category name.

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