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When you type a Wiki Name into a page, a link (or reference) is created to another page. You can find out the pages that reference the current page in your browser by clicking in the page title at the top. For example, if you click on Wiki References above, you will get a list of all the pages that link to this topic.

Similarly, in the Index or in any search results, you'll see a "Find" icon (binoculars), which you can use as a shortcut to the references. This allows you to drill-down within a Category for example.

Also, there is a facility to support Inter Wiki Links. That's a Wiki Reference to another Wiki somewhere else, such as WikiWiki Wiki Web or DolphinWikiDolphin Wiki Web. The notation is the same as for Dolphin Wiki Web's inter-web links (for multiple webs on the same site), but that's okay because in Spinner Wiki that feature is removed.

The Inter Wiki Links are maintained in a file called intermap.txt; it uses the same notation as is common on other Wiki forums.

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